I started my professional career in 1994 after graduating from the University "Facultat de Belles Arts" in Barcelona.
From the beginning of my career to the present I have developed as a specialist in 
children´s licenses. 
During all these years I have working as a freelance colorist in the production and development of hundreds editorial projects as books, magazines, covers, merchandising... in collaboration with renowned creative agencies for licenses such as Disney and Warner, and publishers such Egmont DK & UK, Penguin Random House NY,  Bauer, Blue Ocean among others.
In my work methodology I combine artisanal pictorial techniques with avant-garde digital tools with the aim of adapting the style and philosophy of each license to the needs of each project.
Over the past 28 years I have worked on an extensive list of projects, which means I have the ability to work across a variety of styles. I´m a versatil illustrator !!
That's the favorite part of my profession, interpreting different styles in each work as a film actor does, who must know how to interpret different roles...I enjoy so much in each project, I love to draw and to paint these fantastic dream worlds in a thousand different ways and finding new styles every day !!